About Us

When you come in for an appointment with Dr. Vincent Bakey, you will be provided with the highest quality of services needed for excellent eye health. Whether you're in need of new eyeglasses, would like to be fitted with contact lenses, are interested in laser corrective eye surgery, or just need a check up; we can help. Dr. Bakey works hard to provide appointment times that are convenient for your schedule.

Dr. Bakey makes himself available to every patient should they have any questions about their treatment or our products. He continues to keep up to date on any changes occurring in the world of optometry, in order to provide the best services possible. He also has a strong belief in the importance of early eye examinations and strives to educate parents in the importance of bringing their children in for eye appointments at an early age.

For all of your eye health needs, make an appointment with Dr. Vincent Bakey today! We look forward to hearing from you.